Community United Methodist Church




Sunday Worship

10:00 a.m.


Youth Sunday School

9:00 a.m.


Adult Sunday School

9:15 a.m.



Who can worship at Community?

Absolutely Everyone! We care about who you are and what you can teach us about the intersection of faith and life through your experiences.


Is there a dress code for Sunday Worship at Community?

Although we appreciate it if you do wear clothes, those who attend worship here usually dress comfortably and casually.


What about parking on Sunday morning?

You can park on either side of Bridge Street; you can park on 16th Street. We are also permitted to park in the lot behind Freysinger’s Auto Shop which is just south of the church on Bridge Street. The parking lot is off an alley between 16th and 15th Streets.


What about a nursery?

We have a nursery for infants and toddlers, staffed by volunteers who have the required clearances for the state of Pennsylvania and the United Methodist Church. We welcome children ages 6 and up to be in worship with adults because we believe intergenerational relationships are valuable and authentic. We also believe children should not be segregated from the worshiping community. And we don’t get upset if children get a little excited. But if you feel the need to give your child a break, the parlor in the narthex is a good place to do that.


Is the church part of a denomination?

Yes. We are a United Methodist church. John Wesley, an Anglican priest is its founder. In the 1700s, he started a movement to revitalize the Church of England. He never expected to “create” a new church or denomination, but hey, it happens.


What is the style of Worship at Community?

Our worship style is not too loose and not too formal, not too produced and not too casual.

As United Methodists, our order of worship from beginning to end is very similar to those of other Protestant denominations, the Roman Catholic Church, and the historical church. It’s true. We are rooted in tradition, but we realize we live and practice our faith in the twenty-first century, and our worship service--through the music, the prayers, and the sermon--reflects this.


Does Community use technology in Worship?

Admittedly, we don’t over produce worship. Community is a place where real people sing and speak and pray and share, using their voices and their bodies. Worship here is as participatory-based as possible, and there is room for the worship service to be even more so.  However, this doesn’t mean that Community does not use technology. In addition to our web site, we have a Facebook page and a Twitter account.


Who attends Worship at Community?

On Sundays, our community is under fifty in attendance. And yes, we are an older congregation. There is a core group of people in their fifties, and our oldest member is ninety-two! But even though many of the congregation have been members of Community for decades, their stories are not all the same. Some of Community were baptized as Roman Catholics and others as Lutherans, but at some point, they found themselves worshiping here. Regardless of age and background, we are all flawed followers of Jesus, and we come together on Sunday to hear again and again that even we are God’s beloved and that with God’s grace, we can live from that belovedness.


Who can receive Communion at Community?

Right now, we serve communion on the first Sunday of the month. But this next year, we will be serving communion more frequently. Absolutely everyone can receive communion, including children who are capable of doing so. You do not have to be a United Methodist to receive the sacrament, and you do not have to “understand” everything about the sacrament in order to receive it.


Are you a fragrance-free church?

A growing number of people are sensitive to fragrances and become congested and ill when exposed to them. You can help by not wearing perfume, cologne, aftershave, or scented lotions while attending worship and other church activities.


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